Our Services

  • ECD
  • Mainstream Schools (Itinerant Support)

We offer services to assist learners in mainstream schools who have a visual impairment.

Low vision
  • Concessions
  • Assistive devices (training & access)
  • Special LV assessments
  • Rehabilitation services

Screening & Detection

What are the warning signs of vision problem

  • Service available
  • Application for schools


  • Caregivers support
  • BuB bags
  • Youth Group
  • Vocational Programmes
  • Ambassadors
  • Education
  • Health
  • Social Workers

Mainstream Schools Itinerant Support

To assist learners in mainstream schools who have a visual impairment; we offer the following services:

  • training for educators on how to support a child with a visual impairment in their class with best-suited accommodations & adaptations
  • provide advice and assistance with adapting resources
  • advice on assistive devices & training to use devices
  • ensure that itinerant support is available and offer in-class support [currently Gqeberha only]
  • weekly youth group for teens to meet with and chat to other youngsters with visual impairments [Currently Gqeberha only]

Such support makes inclusion possible and enables more children with visual impairments to get the quality education they deserve.



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